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Pieffe Disegni founds the “Piacenza Mec Group”, the engineering network set to conquer the European market

The market is changing. Only companies that understand which direction it is moving in can successfully take on its challenges.

Customer focus, expertise, and innovation are the keys to continuing to grow even in a period of uncertainty, but many of the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that represent the most developed and flourishing production sector in Italy do not have the economic strength and internal resources keep pace with the international giants.

The solution is “networking“: by working as a team, every small business can provide its capabilities and the sum of the capabilities of the others it is associated with, while maintaining its own tradition. It is as if many companies had merged into one, while preserving their own identities, working methods, and the expertise they have developed over many years of specialisation in a particular sector.

It is on the basis of this model that Pieffe Disegni and ten other Piacenza-based companies have created the “Piacenza Mec Group“, a consortium of businesses operating in the engineering sector, a field in which Emilia has always excelled.

The association, founded in the context of Confapi Piacenza, “will allow companies, which until now have manufactured semi-finished products for third parties, to join forces to put together the whole production chain and thus be able to offer finished products“, as Cristian Camisa, President of the Confapi industrial association, explained on ilpiacenza.it.

The stated aim of the consortium is to try to broaden our vision to the international and in particular the European market as well, bringing the excellence of design and mechanical production “Made in Italy”, a mark of quality that is like a brand recognised and appreciated worldwide.

Pieffe Disegni is ready to play an important role as a driving force behind “Piacenza Mec Group”, contributing its expertise and experience acquired through many years of dedication on the market and its ability to carry out total order management, from the design to the finished product, in order to continue to grow as it has done in recent years, during which it achieved a double-digit percentage increase in its turnover.