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WIN 2014: attention, curiosity, and important international contacts for Pieffe Disegni

Today more than ever, in a market that is increasingly competitive and oriented to favour high quality products and services, the game of excellence is won through teamwork.

And this is precisely the strength of the Piacenza Mec Group, the first chain in the Piacenza engineering industry, of which Pieffe Disegni is a founding member.

“Networking” has offered Pieffe Disegni and other businesses in the Piacenza Mec Group the opportunity to carve out an important international showcase during WIN Metalworking Fair 2014, one of the leading events dedicated to the engineering industry in Europe.

From the 5th to 8th June, the pavilions of the Istanbul Fair hosted more than 900 exhibitors, who presented their machines, their technology, and the related applications to an audience from all over the world.

This was a unique opportunity to get in touch with an audience of specialists in the engineering sector, who were very impressed by the new way of interpreting industrial design embodied by the Piacenza Mec Group and by each of the companies in the network.

The partnership with CEPI (Piacenza Exporters’ Consortium) enabled Pieffe Disegni and the Piacenza Mec Group to position a large stand in a prime location. This excellent visibility, combined with the high quality of the solutions offered by the different members of the network, attracted the attention of many visitors.

It is precisely for this reason that WIN 2014 represented a key opportunity for establishing contacts with major international companies (mainly from North Africa, Central Asia, and the Gulf States) and thus laying the foundations for future collaborations, promoting the capabilities and potential of the Pieffe Disegni technical studio.