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Pieffe Disegni, new projects always in the pipeline

Consolidation and growth are the key words that have marked Pieffe Disegni’s activities in the first part of 2014.

It is precisely with this dual perspective in mind that the Piacenza-based company has reaffirmed and strengthened its participation in the Piacenza Mec Group network; by networking with other companies in the area, Pieffe Disegni can put its expertise in the field of industrial design at the service of all the companies that turn to the network, which was established in an area that is one of the “historic” cradles of the engineering sector in Italy.

By collaborating within this increasingly close partnership, Pieffe Disegni and the Piacenza Mec Group have had the opportunity to participate in some of the most important events for the engineering sector, both in Italy and internationally (think Fiere di Parma’s MECSPE or WIN in Istanbul, to name just two), becoming known and appreciated by numerous companies that have then, in many cases, entrusted their orders to the leading engineering chain in Piacenza.

Pieffe Disegni has also pursued its dual focus on consolidation and growth internationally, investing in recruiting resources that are helping to bring new skills within the company.

The first part of the year was very intense, but there are just as many projects in the pipeline for the future; this is why Pieffe Disegni will be granting itself just brief break in August; the offices will be closed from the 17th to 24th, inclusive, but you can always reach us to deal with any emergencies (write to info@pieffedisegni.com).

A short interval will be useful to be able to recharge our batteries ready for the second part of the year, which promises to be just as packed with new industrial projects. Projects that will bear the Pieffe Disegni signature.