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Pieffe Disegni keeps on growing: towards 2016 challenges with passion and enthusiasm

Also this year has been rich with thrilling projects and outcomes for Pieffe Disegni, the engineering firm that is rooted in the historical industrial district of Piacenza; a background of experiences and expertise, an excellence 100% Made in Italy which is appreciated all over the world.

From the shipbuilding to the oil drilling, from the smallest machine tools to big projects of industrial automation: projects carried our within 2015 by Pieffe Disegni range among different fields but all of them need a custom design, attentive to the customer’s needs and able to minimize maintenance time and downtime, which often are among the most relevant unproductive costs for a company.

Pieffe Disegni has created all this, and much more, within a year which has been demanding but especially thrilling from the point of view of the company’s professional growth: Pieffi Disegni has faced several challenges which has been new for the company and that have been brilliantly overcome, always with excellent results and the satisfactions of those who have taken part into the project, from the technical design stage to the installation.

Moreover, the engineering firm owned by Massimo Paraboschi and Marco Saltarelli has confirmed also in 2015 its important contribution to Piacenza Mec Group, the businesses network that gathers together the excellences of industrial mechanic in Piacenza and offers to customers and companies – in Italy and abroad – assistance and advice.

The commitment has been important and it has been an invigorating year: following this enthusiasm, the desire of Pieffe Disegni is to go on like this also in 2016, offering specialized advice and quality solution to its customers.

For this reason, Pieffe Disegni’s offices will be closed for the Holidays from December 31st to January 6th: just one week break, useful to “reload the batteries” before starting another year that seems to be challenging, with the development of industrial automations and machining tools always according to customers’ needs.

For any important issue or emergency, fell free to email us at m.paraboschi@pieffedisegni.com

The Staff of Pieffe Disegni wishes you Happy Holidays!