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New Sectors, New Software, and New Resources: Pieffe Disegni Continues to Look Ahead!

More and more companies are relying on Pieffe Disegni for the design of their industrial machinery and the systems that are necessary to make their production more efficient, accurate, and fast.

To be able to devote the proper attention to all these business realities and their requirements in the design phase, as well as timely support after implementation, Pieffe Disegni has chosen to continue to invest in technology and innovation.

For this reason, the Piacenza-based company has started 2017 by purchasing a new license for SolidWorks, the cutting edge software that supports professionals when dealing with industrial design.

As related previously, SolidWorks is a CAD tool that makes it possible to recreate via computer, even in the planning stages, some real-life machine use situations through 3D simulations, thereby preempting any issues and minimizing the risk of downtime after installation.

The SolidWorks add-on license enables Pieffe Disegni to follow (even simultaneously) a greater number of clients who are using this software. Through ongoing dialogue, we create the best optimized machines that are based upon the specific needs of each user.

Furthermore, in recent months Pieffe Disegni has gotten involved with new and exciting design challenges, even in areas that are far removed from core experience. Today, Pieffe has designed machines that are employed in companies active in the food sector, in packaging, and in the field of transfer machines.

Of course, there are plenty of projects that relate to the field of precision machining and power transmission technology, which have always been the “house specialties.”

In the former case, Pieffe Disegni is creating a chamfering machine, i.e., a machine capable of chamfering sheets that may also reach large sizes. In the latter case, instead, the Piacenza-based company is building a hybrid, electrical and mechanical drive system, something that is highly innovative, and will be used in the luxury ship industry.

On the subject of news, there’s more. Pieffe Disegni has welcomed Edoardo Tencati to the staff. He is an artist-designer who has decades of experience in the field of mechanical design and mechatronics.

A new connection which confirms the desire of this small and adaptable company to grow, a company that has been active for over 15 years in the design of machine tools and industrial automation: the Pieffe Disegni Company!