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From our 2017 results to the 2018 news: here’s what awaits us!

Pieffe Disegni is continuing to grow: this year, 2017, which is now coming to an end, has been a particularly positive year once again for the company. It was especially marked by a large number of requests for machine and industrial system designs.

Through continuous feedback with each client, our staff have created several particularly innovative, ambitious and challenging projects.

These projects, which have originated from specific requests based on usability with a view to improving it, have meant that companies have been able to make their production activities easier, faster and safer, resulting in a far more efficient process.

Our commitment continues: in addition to the inclusion of the architect Viviana Bertuzzi to our staff this year, we have also improved the mechanical design department with the recruitment of expert Alberto Cavazzi.

Furthermore, with a view to the continuous improvement of our internal processes, we have acquired the license to use an innovative management software program that allows us to be more precise and timely when providing support to customers who request it.

For us, 2017 has been a busy year, full of news, but most importantly, full of the satisfaction that returns every time when we see the projects we design be implemented.

The Pieffe Disegni office and our staff are available for any requests until the end of 2017. From 1st to 7th January 2018 we will be taking a small break. We will be returning to work from Monday the 8th January, with all the energy, enthusiasm and passion that we put into every project. We continue to offer the best results to everyone who chooses to work with us.