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Pieffe Disegni is moving: as of 7 May 2018, we will be in Piacenza to be even closer to customers

Monday, May 7 2018 will go down in the history of Pieffe Disegni, even if only at personal level. In fact, as of this date, our company will be in its new headquarters in Piacenza, via Federico Coppalati, 8.

nuova sede pieffedisegni piacenza

The decision to move closer to the city covers a strategic requirement: after 18 years of activity, Pieffe Disegni has expanded considerably, to the point that the old premises in Via Martiri della Libertà 23 at Ponte dell’Olio have become too small.

Our new home covers a surface area of 180 square meters, of which about 90, open space (practically double compared to the previous one) that allows us to lay the foundations for a desirable and possible future expansion.

We have installed 8 work stations with computer on the site for our industrial designers, while simultaneously strengthening our equipment through the purchase of 2 new workstations.

spazio operativo pieffedisegni

Next to the area more exclusively dedicated to design, we have provided three other essential environments where we can conduct our business properly and accommodate the work routines of all our employees: the administration office, a meeting room equipped with a projector and a small but welcoming refreshments room where you can take a break and relax.

The move has also given us the opportunity to review the IT infrastructure that we use for storing our customers’ data, with specific attention and considerable speed.

In order to protect our VPN (an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network), we have installed a professional firewall that ensures we fully meet the requirements of the new European Regulations on privacy (GDPR), which will become fully effective as of May 25th.

Being in Piacenza, allows us to be physically closer to some of our most important customers and partners, together with whom, we can offer each company a complete industrial design service, from design (which we deal with firsthand) right up to installation.

computer progettazione pieffedisegni

Our new headquarters is strategically positioned close to the Highway A21 Torino-Piacenza-Brescia and at the point where it crosses the A1 Sole Highway Milan-Bologna.

We are next to two of the most important routes in the Po Valley so we can promptly respond to any requests for support from our customers and we can easily be contacted by those wishing to meet us in person to illustrate their design needs.

Leaving the premises where we have expanded over the last 18 years has been quite emotional, but greater still is the joy of facing a new and exciting challenge, one which will see us grow further and which, thanks to our new premises, starts off on a positive note 😉


In the picture, Piazza Cavalli in Piacenza. Image source http://bit.ly/2rtA8RC author Harrie Gielen