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Pieffe Disegni for industrial automation: we manage projects for glued insulated joint production

Our customers most frequently request technical solutions for implementing industrial projects that up to then have never existed.

Some solutions become game changers. They are so innovative that they significantly transform the way in which certain production methods have been conducted up to then.

Since the beginning of 2019, our staff has been involved in the construction of a very complex and comprehensive industrial automation project for a top priority customer in the transportation sector. This has been a particularly advanced and challenging project.

Our owner and technical manager, Massimo Paraboschi, is assisted by Ekrem Tokmic, who has followed the project from its very first phases of its management.

The customer’s goal is complete automation by turning to the full potential of robotics for one of their most frequent production processes: glued insulated joint assembly.

Until now, the activity has been performed mainly by hand by specialized mechanics. However, in order to reduce the possibility of error further―which is already remote today― the customer has turned to industrial automation and entrusted the production to robotic machines controlled by highly qualified technical personnel.

Massimo Paraboschi was involved not only in the preliminary phase of the design but also was assigned the role of project manager in charge of coordinating the entire working group, respecting the technical specifications requested by the client, the budget, and the delivery times established for the construction of the facility.

It is one of the most significant and rich projects of intrinsic innovation that we have ever faced, and when this challenge in the most sophisticated industrial automation field was envisioned, it was necessary to rise to the occasion.

Paraboschi said

With Ekrem Tokmic’s support and the peace of mind of being able to count on an already well-established and reliable team at our Piacenza headquarters for the management of all other orders, we have been able to pursue this approach with all necessary serenity; now that we are starting to see the very first results, we can only express how satisfied we are that we faced this challenge

The new robotic facility will reduce the margin of error to a minimum and increase the reliability of the glued insulated joints that are produced, which will be used in a sector where safety is a strategic asset.

The production facility, which will also bear Pieffe Disegni’s signature, will be ready by December 2019 and will be one of the most cutting-edge facilities in the world in its particular sector.