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Pieffe Disegni water jet machine project: precise water cutting to the tenth of a millimeter, even on large dimensions!

In 2019, waterjet cutting has for some time been one of the most widely used technologies in the industrial production sector.

In fact, thanks to an extremely high-pressure water jet, it is possible to cut many materials, from the softest ones (i.e., food industry products) to the hardest ones (i.e., marble, ceramic, and stainless steel, and so many others).

In recent weeks, one of our most important customers presented to us a need to have a design for a versatile machine for its industry; a machine that was able to perform both pure water and abrasive (such as Garnet sand) cutting.

In this way, the company will have the ability to do different cuts from various materials, from plastic to metal, working on variable thicknesses that can reach up to 400 mm!

The additional challenge that has been envisioned for us is obtaining these results on a machine with very large dimensions, but with the utmost level of precision: the allowed tolerances are less than a tenth of a millimeter. Furthermore, the vertical axis of the cutting head must be able to perform unlimited rotation in order to guarantee greater flexibility for the machine.

This request has represented a particularly demanding design challenge. Just think about the fact that that the water-cutting machine has truly remarkable dimensions: we’re talking 12 meters long by 3 meters wide and weighing about a ton – a real giant!

waterjet cutting

The project is in the advanced execution phase, since we have also completed the delicate activity of structural calculation that has critical importance in the pre-industrial phase.

We look forward to seeing this new and innovative machine by Pieffe Disegni in operation soon: the first tests in the company are set for October 2019.