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Electric motor for luxury ships: Pieffe Disegni “lands” in the naval sector

Undoubtedly, shipbuilding is an industrial sector where the entire world acknowledges the excellence of “Made in Italy” design, planning capacity, and production.

Not by chance, one of the industry’s most important international events, the Boat Show, happens every year in Genoa. Some of the most impressive work sites, such as Monfalcone (GO), are located right in Italy. Our country’s artisans are among the most cited in the recreational boating market.

This leadership can be traced back to various factors, including the ability to optimally combine a maritime tradition with roots in ancient times to the most advanced technological innovations.

In our own way, even we at Pieffe Disegni have contributed by specifically designing an innovative electric traction system for certain luxury yachts.

In fact, comfort is one aspect that customers of this particular niche market favor when choosing a boat. The electric motor is exceptionally silent and this turns into greater tranquility and relaxation.

Our studio has been requested for a mechanical design of an electric motor based on specific yacht needs. This is particularly useful for docking, when raw power is unnecessary and, on the other hand, it is good to ensure minimum noise disturbance for people on board and for people who walk, stand, or live near the port.

The planning phase was followed by calculating the correct sizing of mechanical parts. This was necessary in order to keep the engine space to a minimum for providing more useful space inside the ship. Then we provided for FEM analyses, which made it possible to calculate the system’s structural behavior.

The designs and technical drawings have been recently completed and are ready for customer delivery.

This is another design challenge won by Pieffe Disegni!