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Safe Drilling and Anthropomorphic Robots: Heading into 2020 with Lots of New Projects for Pieffe Disegni

Imagining machines that have yet to exist which will improve production processes’ performance time, precision results, and worker safety: countless companies present us with this challenge, asking us to design projects that quite often must be tailored to their specific needs as if they were custom-made clothes.

This means that our experience developed in just under 20 years of activity cuts across the most diverse sectors: from horizontal and vertical work centers to spindles and electrospindles, from tilting heads to automation, passing through many other fields.

Our most recent commitments are leading us to further refine our expertise in the world of drilling.

In fact, we are developing equipment for an important customer to perform certain petroleum industry key operations in complete autonomy. Once in place, our machine will allow staff to intervene remotely, practically eliminating mining-related risks for humans.

This path yielded us the know-how and confidence for yet another drilling commitment, this time intended for geothermal industry use.

Anthropomorphic robot development is another particularly innovative sector that has been keeping us busy in recent months.

Specifically, we are at an advanced stage of design for automation meant to support metal objects processing. This implies taking into account the specific features of this particular process, which requires a machine that is as precise as it is robust.

These last projects join those that have already been carried out in the first part of the year. Many of these have already seen the light of day, while others are almost ready to be inspected and put into use. Such projects include the automated production of insulating glued joints for the rail sector, a water-jet cutting machine with the precision of a tenth of a millimeter, an electric motor for luxury yachts, and a vertical lathe/transfer machine hybrid, already mentioned in this blog.

That sums up 2019, which was as intense as it was marked by high-level challenges. Our design studio committed to building the best-customized response to each company’s request by constantly exchanging ideas with our diverse clients.

We also continued to grow this year: we strengthened our workforce by integrating new professional roles and software licensing updates for maximum compatibility toward our clients’ applications.

The Pieffe Disegni offices will remain closed for the holidays from December 21,2019 to January 6, 2020. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year from everyone at Pieffe Disegni!