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Transfer machine for the mechanical industry: Pieffe’s new design is faster, with accuracy up to one-hundredth of a millimeterTransfer machine for the mechanical industry: Pieffe’s new design is faster, with accuracy up to one-hundredth of a millimeter

Industrial companies often turn to us for different reasons. Among these is the need to transform already existing machines and systems to improve production in terms of quality of the end product and speed in performance.

In this sense, we carried out a project that was specifically representative in collaboration with Tecmu Automazione. It was put into operation in spring 2021 for an important customer that, like us, was born and keeps its know-how in the industrial district of Piacenza, one of the most avant-garde in Italy in the mechanical sector.

The company needed to create a machine tool for machining chips: a transfer machine, which was capable of replacing the systems used up until then with the goal of obtaining processes that boasted an improved level of precision up to one-hundredth of a millimeter, despite machining metal pieces 5 meters long.

In conjunction with this need, which is crucial for the diversification and development of this company’s business as a global leader in its specific sector of expertise, another objective was the reduction of cycle time, so as to further increase the quantities produced (thereby making the transformation sustainable from an economic point of view).

The project, always carried out in close relationship with both our partners of Tecmu and with the end customer in order to understand and be able to best meet his real needs, involved the complete overhaul of the manufacturing cell to create pushed automation.

The result is that the line can now operate in a fully automatic and continuous cycle, ensuring the safety of operators at every stage, allowing them to concentrate on supervision and quality control.

The finished system has a linear development of 10 meters, on the long side, and is based on the use of three 3-axis machine tools arranged in a parallel manner, for a total of six machine tools.

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Each of these carries out a specific process continuously, in order to ensure a significant reduction in production times: the quantities produced have almost doubled now, reaching a threshold of 600 pieces/day (at a rate of about one per minute).

In the space between the two “bearing” lines of the manufacturing cell, we have designed automations capable of moving the pieces to be machined from one side to the other to achieve this result.

Even more significant, however, was the impact in terms of the finished product’s precision, which increased by 75% to reach levels that are considered “over standard” for the specific use required by the customer.

The customer had the opportunity to further improve its production excellence already appreciated and recognized all over the world through a project dedicated to the recovery and improvement of existing structures. Our staff is always available to meet similar needs in support of companies of all sizes, ready to analyze different situations and evaluate possible improvements and efficiencies.