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Design, drawing and calculation for 3 new CNC lines: a new catalog signed Pieffe Designs

In more than twenty years of experience in industrial machinery and automation design, Pieffe Disegni’s staff have been involved in handling requests of various kinds.

Our experience – and with it the portfolio of services we are able to offer – goes from the “simple” custom design of a machine (or a single, particular element of it) to the complete direction of the work, as was the case, for example, with an order for a major railroad operator.

In 2020 we received an order from an Eastern European company specialized in machine tools for a substantial update of the product catalog.

This generated a remote design activity through which we brought the expertise, experience and levels of innovation of a district of excellence for industrial mechanics such as that of Piacenza (where we come from and where we are still based), in a context where the technical capabilities of several operators are still maturing.

Following the initial online meetings, which were necessary to understand the nature of the requirements, we scheduled some moments of dialogue with the customer. We presented the evolution of our design and gathered indications that turned out to be very valuable in the development phase.

The result of this activity is in the three brand new ranges of machines that are now part of our customer’s catalog: a line of moving column machine tools, one fixed gantry and moving table, and finally one moving gantry.

For each of these automatic devices we made the drawing from scratch and the design; we also made the calculation for proper sizing.