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Oversize rotary table for CNC: from design to implementation, another challenge won for Pieffe Designs staff

The rotary table is a fundamental element for different kinds of CNC.

While in terms of operation there is little to invent, since the structure and function of this part are similar even on different models and between different manufacturers, an element of distinction between CNC rotary tables can often be traced in the stiffness and torque parameters.

It is on these aspects that most of the customizations are made, and it is in this respect that one of our customers – a historical machine tool manufacturer – asked us to intervene to project, design and develop an “oversize” rotary table design.

The need was to be able to insert, even in existing and functioning machine tools, a new rotary table that on the one hand would take into account the dimensions of the pre-existing housing, while on the other hand would be able to handle significantly higher stiffness and torque parameters than those guaranteed by the previously installed rotary tables.

The customer gave us carte blanche from a technical point of view, leaving us free to imagine what could be the most suitable answer for his specific need.

The project went through calculation, sizing and, of course, the design from scratch of the rotary table according to new characteristics that would allow it to be able to handle significantly higher values of stiffness and torque than what had been done until then.

Although we had a great deal of freedom in terms of design and development, we wanted to pursue the project in constant relationship with the customer, so as to remain mutually updated on any needs that might arise during the course of the work.

The result of this development effort, which took us a few months to complete, is a rotary table that perfectly respects the delivery, and can be installed inside existing machine tools, managing to guarantee the necessary compliance with the parameters required by the particular machining operations for which this project was created.

We are very grateful to the customer for the trust in our work and satisfied with the result obtained, a further step in the path of growth and evolution of CNC machines, a device that is indispensable in so many industrial contexts.