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via Federico Coppalati, 8 29122 Piacenza

About Us

Pieffe Disegni was founded in 2000 as the brain child of Angelo and Massimo Paraboschi, who identified the need for companies to have consultants who were trained and equipped in the design of machine tools and industrial automation. With a staff of six people, including three mechanical engineers, we are able to meet all the challenges of the mechanical design. The aim of Pieffe Disegni is to provide high-level expertise and tools to any companies that do not have internal resources competent in mechanical design. The advantages of this outsourcing are manifold: it offers the possibility of using experts with different specialisms and skills while only paying when you need them, without a company having to expand its own internal workforce and buy very expensive design software.


We outsource high-level expertise, experience, and tools to any companies that need them.

The team

Angelo Paraboschi

Partner – Customer management, Consulting

Having worked in the machine tools sector for 46 years, he boasts a unique range of experience. He worked at Secmu from ’67 to ’84 in various roles, including head of the assembly department and mechanical designer. He then moved to MCM from ’84 to 2000, as a mechanical designer and the person responsible for relations with the assembly department. In 2000, he founded Pieffe Disegni, where fulfilled the role of technical director until 2008, when he decided to leave this task to Massimo Paraboschi and focus on managing customer relations and the role of consultant.
Massimo Paraboschi

Owner – Technical Director

After completing his diploma in mechanical engineering, he started working as a junior designer at MCM from 1997 to 2000, when he founded Pieffe Disegni with Angelo. From 2000 to 2008, he continued to work as a mechanical designer and personnel manager within the company. In 2008 he became the technical director of Pieffe Disegni.
Anna Stomboli

Administrative Director, Order Management

Having joined the company in 2003, she deals with administration, accounting, and order management.
Marco Saltarelli

Partner – Head of Sizing and FEM Analysis.

Having graduated from Milan Polytechnic in April 2011 with a thesis on “Thermo-elasto-hydrodynamic modelling of an oil film thrust bearing, he was hired by Pieffe Disegni in March 2011 as a junior designer and head of sizing and FEM analysis. Given his excellent command of English, he is our contact person for all our foreign clients.


  • foto-edoardo-tencati
    Edoardo Tencati

    Technical Illustrator

    Edoardo is a technical illustrator; he has more than ten year of experience in the fields of engineering and mechatronics. Since January 2017 he works together with Pieffe Disegni in the field of planning and design.
  • foto-viviana-bertuzzi
    Viviana Bertuzzi


    Empathetic, intuitive and meticulous, Viviana has already gained considerable experience in mechanical design by tackling – over the years with us – even complex projects that have led to the development of mechatronic applications tailored to the needs of different customers. She joined the company first as an intern and then as a trainee from the summer of 2017 after having distinguished herself as one of the most curious, proactive and brilliant personalities during a professional course in mechanics in which we participated as teachers with our staff.
  • staff Pieffe Disegni
    Roberto Bolzoni

    Junior mechanical designer

    Roberto, born in 1980, started working as a commercial technician: thanks to this experience he gained the ability to empathize with the customer to interpret his requests and turn them into projects. In the meantime he attended a specialization course as mechanical designer, and with this job – at the end of a positive internship experience – since 2018 he has been fully integrated in our staff to work on several innovation projects and on the development of customized solutions.
  • staff Pieffe Disegni
    Michele Idda

    Mechanical Designer

    After having worked for several years as a mechanical assembly technician for some excellent companies in the Piacenza area, Michele was able to turn a difficulty into a stimulus to reinvent himself: he applied for a professional course to become a mechanical designer, acquiring new skills, and it was there that we noticed him appreciating the determination and dedication with which he faced this path. Employed as a stageur in 2020, he now has a full-time contract and at Pieffe Disegni he combines his fresh skills as a designer with the experience “on the ground” gained in many years of activity.
  • “staff
    Loneca Copelli

    Designer Junior

    Graduated in architecture and construction engineering with full marks at the Politecnico di Milano, Loneca began her professional career in a different area: commercial sales. After some time, however, her vocation brought her back “to her origins”, and so she decided to attend a professional course in mechanical design for industry where we got to know her and appreciate her determination and intuition, as well as her undoubted drawing skills. Sunny, generous and determined, she joined our staff in November 2021 with a permanent contract after having brilliantly completed an internship experience.
  • “staff
    Luca Contini

    Designer Junior

    Luca Contini comes to his first professional experience in 2022, immediately after brilliantly completing his studies at ISII Piacenza and convincing everyone at Pieffe Disegni during the months of his internship experience. With the freshness of his young age, he has already shown that he has the right intuition for many different situations and is appreciated not only for his curiosity and attention, but also for the speed with which he learns and is growing as a professional.

Software and Tools


Research and Development

Pieffe Disegni is continuously evolving both through investments to purchase new, increasingly advanced software and through ongoing training and constant professional development by attending courses, seminars, and the most important international fairs.


We cooperate with Milan Polytechnic on the development of complex projects.