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Design is, by definition, a challenge; Einstein’s witty aphorism “Everybody knows that something can’t be done and then somebody turns up and he doesn’t know it can’t be done and he does it” summarises the difficulties, but above all the charm, of our work well.

In order to design, you must be willing to believe that the word “impossible” has a relative meaning.

No one ever approached us and asked us to develop something that had already been created by someone else; on the contrary, the requests are always to achieve something faster, lighter, more high-performance, cheaper, smaller, bigger…

In order to adequately meet all these challenges, it is necessary to have adequate experience, expertise, and tools: a triad of essential “allies” to perform any work as well as can be done.

Pieffe Disegni is the sum of the energies and experiences accrued by Angelo and Massimo Paraboschi, two professionals who have 45 and 16 years in mechanical design behind them respectively.

The result of this experience is the expertise of the Pieffe Disegni staff, which is linked to studies, ongoing training, the search for innovative products and materials, and attendance of the most important conferences in the sector.

Pieffe also makes use of the most advanced IT tools to bring the level of design accuracy to increasingly high quality standards. These sophisticated and costly tools are a source of pride for our company.

The real strength of designs by Pieffe Disegni, however, is collective design analysis: at our firm, development is the result of continuous comparison between all the staff’s collaborators, who make valuable contributions to the final draft of the design by evaluating the best possible cost-effectiveness of the machinery through calculations and accurate sizing.